We are playing live at the Pig in Hastings

Friday the 31st of May - FREE ENTRY

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Our new single 'What Does it Mean to Me' is out now on all major streaming sites.

‘What Does It Mean To Me’ is the second single from our upcoming album 'Everything' due out early 2024.

It talks about what is important in all of our lives. From family, career or health through to hobbies, travel or treasured belongings. What is it that defines us? If it’s important, make time for it!

Take a little time, think about it and ask yourself “What does it mean to me?"

”The answer… It means everything!


4th Wall

Creating a brand-new audio landscape that combines elements of Alt Rock with
EDM, 4th Wall is a collaboration between acclaimed solo artist and audio magician, Paul Cheese, powerhouse ex-Anti-Nowhere League drummer, Dave Nato and respected bass player, Dan Wright.

After a short break from recording and performing the trio came together again in 2023 to create their most innovative music to date whilst simultaneously partnering with US band, Angelspit on tracks for their explosive Cyber-Punk album ‘The Bas**d Gods’.

Driving beats, frequency bending synths and fierce guitar work propel vocal harmonies into a whole new dimension as the 4th Wall Machine gains momentum.



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